Installation Services

For the typical install of any script, you typically need to provide:

  • Your web server's FTP login info
  • Your mysql username, password, and database name (if the script uses a mysql database)
  • Extra info like where you want the script installed, etc...In the case of Ultimate Affiliate, you'll need to point me in the direction of the shopping cart or order form you want the script integrated with.

Install turnaround times are 2-4 days for general installs.
Custom programming will extend the install time.

In general, most cgi scripts (including our own) can be installed for about $100 each. The more complicated the script, the higher the price, but most are $100. This includes the base installation of the script - it does not include web design (changing the look of the script) or adding custom features that aren't in the script.

While installing a script is fairly easy and inexpensive, realize that modifying it to add features will be much more expensive. Adding code and testing it is fairly straightforward, but there is always a learning curve to figuring out someone else's script. So while "please add an extra field to the database" may seem like a simple task - it could end up being 10 hours of work...of course, I will always give you the quote up front and never charge you more without consulting you first.

I charge an average of $30/hr for custom coding, and this is my minimal consulting and programming fee. However, I usually end up charging per-project and not per-hour most of the time. I prefer to take an outline from you and give you the full price as well as break down the prices of each part of the project. More often than not, there's always some little feature that is technically a pain to do, which would save you a lot of money to leave out.


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