's Membership Management System

The multi-account membership management system is the complete solution for .htaccess password protection administration on a Unix server. Manage multiple password protected directories with an easy to use interface.

New! Live demo: NOTE: all email functionality is disabled...

1. ADMIN PAGE - the password is "demo"




  • Easy to set up: configure and upload the files and you're ready to run
  • User-friendly interface
  • Search, edit, and delete members easily
  • Easily protect many different directories all through the same interface
  • New members can be set to pending, awaiting admin approval
  • "Cash-in" code feature allows you to send a one-time use code to a buyer which they can cash in for a membership. This is great for selling wholesale memberships as well as giving you an easy way to distribute memberships when you accept many different types of payments.
  • Mass email all members, or just certain protected areas or expired members
  • Customizable mass emails
  • Backup the mysql database to a text file
  • One step "reminder" feature quickly lets you send an email to a member to remind them of their login info as well as other promotions
  • An advanced server log analyzer that gives you a server log summary as well as monitors the log for distributed passwords or hack attempts. Integrates directly with the membership manager to delete/inactivate bad accounts.
  • Accounts can be deactivated and reactivated with the click of a button
  • Includes a page where members can change their email address or have their login info emailed to them
  • Integrates with all payment systems. In the worst-case scenario you can just accept any type of payment, even mail in checks, and send out "cash-in" codes for memberships.
  • Header and footers customize the look of member's info pages

What is .htaccess?

Rather than go into major detail here, I'll just refer you to a great tutorial on htaccess and how it works:


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