Membership Manager Version History

Current Version: 1.02

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New Feature Retooled and Improved Bug Fix's Membership Manager
Version 1.02 - Posted May 11th, 2003
Added the ability to create and mail out "bulk" codes for giving out to resellers of your membership area.
Add some paypal tools (instructions at the top of the paypal.cgi script) and an example htaccess file

Version 1.01 - Posted June 16th, 2002
Fixed a bug that prevented you from using a different MySQL database table name instead of the default table named "members".
Added version number to main admin page along with link to check for new upgrades.

Version 1.00 - Posted May 6th, 2002
The first edition of the membership management script is finally posted. Over the next two months it will probably undergo a series of updates, mainly adding a bunch of add-on modules for different payment processors.


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