The Membership

The membership gives you access to all the current versions of the scripts as well as any services (such as the ebook cover generator) that will be placed in the membership area.

Version Demo
Ultimate Affiliate (MySQL)'s first script! Ultimate Affiliate lets you run a fully featured affiliate program from your website. It integrates with virtually every payment method, awards downline commissions, and can handle high-traffic sites.
Membership Manager
An intuitive and user-friendly interface gives you complete control over password protected directories and membership areas. A unique "cash-in" code feature lets you sell wholesale/reseller memberships as well as integrate with all payment methods.
Ultimate Advertiser (MySQL)
This is an older MySQL based pay-per-click script. The features of this program are being incorporated into Ultimate Affiliate and it will soon be removed from the site. However, I will provide a script to transfer existing data from Ultimate Advertiser into the upgraded affiliate program.
No demo available
DMOZ Negotiator (with MySQL option)
The dmoz negotiator basically lets you serve the content of the site according to their guidelines. Check out the demo for an example of the content. This is NOT a customizable search engine and uses the content ONLY.

AdServer (MySQL)
The adserver script is a simple MySQL based banner rotator that lets you rotate any type of graphic. Great for tracking ads or serving banners advertising your affiliate url.

No demo available


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