In addition to the membership and software archive, I also offer a variety of consulting services. Please drop me a line if you are interested in any of the following:


Custom Software Programming

I'm fluent in Perl, PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, and have experience with Java, VB, and a little bit of C++. I prefer to work with Perl and PHP and love creating MySQL database based software packages. If you have a need for custom programming, please drop me a line. I charge per-project, and usually give you a quote based on a project outline you provide me. I also do script installations.


I'm familiar with many of the free and not-so-free graphics programs available on the net and can assist you in creating graphics or choosing the software to suit your needs. I'm well-versed in the Perl GD and ImageMagick graphics manipulation programs which can be used to create graphics "on-the-fly" on a website.

Web Hosting

If you're on a shoestring budget and need to find the most inexpensive way to bring your idea to the internet, we can show you some of the cheapest, yet fully featured, web hosting accounts, dns services, and e-business packages available. If money isn't a barrier, we can also assist you in choosing some of the more higher level hosting packages and dedicated servers to make sure they fit your needs and are scalable.

Search Engine Positioning

Getting into the search engines is tough, especially for commerce-related websites. We can assist you in submitting your site to the search engines, help you design pages that are search engine friendly, and help track your website's position in some of the more popular engines.


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