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Ultimate Affiliate is probably the best MLM affiliate script one can find on the internet today. The system was so organized and both the Admin and Member's Panel was very very good!

This is an excellent piece of software at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended!

Manny Jao II
CEO, Viraladboard.com


Before I ask my question, I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job I think you've done with this affiliate script. Through a lot of the research I've been doing (which I probably should have done BEFORE I purchased any script), I have come to find that yours offers me everything necessary to run a successful affiliate program, right down to the export of the info. I'm sure it will only get better. Just wanted to let you know...sometimes all we hear are people bitching when things go wrong, but never when things go right. It's so rare, but so welcome, when one of my customers tells me what a great site I have or what great service they received. Kudos!


Hi Steve,

Knowing nothing about computers I decided to start a web hosting company.
For one full year I did not get one web hosting sale on line. Then I found Groundbreak.com. I spent $200 on Ultimate Affiliate. Today I now have 1300
affiliates that generate me 15-25 new hosting accounts daily.

Thanks so much Steve

Want free leads for Life?


I wanted to let you know I've been marketing online since 1996 and I hardly give out testimonials unless it is very deserving. You products are by far the best scripts I've seen for the money anywhere online.

It is no doubt that a major part of our success is because of the automation your affiliate program has giving us. I've searched and wasted hundreds of dollars on the other scripts out there and I only wished I knew about yours from the beginning. Good job, no... GREAT Job!

To Your Success,

Dion Jones
Proven Internet Marketing

I have an existing affiliate program that I've been running through Clickbank. I had done a lot of customization to help the affiliates out as much as possible, and your product fits in VERY nicely with what I already have. This was very important to me, and the deciding factor to go with your product. After purchasing and getting it installed I found that it had even more than I originally thought.


Chuck McCullough
Wow! You guys really go the extra mile! Your affiliate software and installation service it worth at least 5 times what I paid. Before I purchased the Ultimate Affiliate software, I researched 5 different affiliate programs... your is by far the absolute best value! Thanks again for your great product and service.

Bryan Guentner
Instant Ebook Publisher

Dear Steve,

I'm very impressed. The script we bought was so easy to install. We have the program online and it is running really smooth. Congratulations!

I wish you a pleasant day!


Marco Spoerrle
Customer Service

Your eBook cover maker is a killer tool. I was just about to spend 400 USD to get a cover made when I found you. I ended up using photoshop & your eBook cover maker to create a fantastic cover myself. And it didn't cost me a cent! You guys are nuts for giving this service away...Thanx a million.

Armand Melanson

We have been using Ultimate Affiliate for one year through several upgrades with excellent results! The new SQL script is extremely fast, accurate, and handles our 2500 affiliates without a pause!

>> You can change that to: For over 4 years with 8700 members...
(Updated Sept 14 2003)

Keep up the good work and thank you!

Kind regards,
Roger - Administration

Thank you for a Briliant Script and all your support. This system is well worth the Money !


Steve I have been a customer for 2 years now and HOLLY COW...your newest UA is soooo damn fast!!! Just wanted to say great job!!!

P.S. I know you were doing your Masters or P.H.D (I'm not sure which)...how did it go?


Hi Steve!

First of all let me congratulate you for the new design of the website and your new product; membership script.

I have been using your Ultimate Affiliate script and it works fantastic! No other affiliate scripts have such great features at a one time low price.

Suhaili Ali

I just wanted to publicly thank Steve for his valuable time, professional attitude and attention-to-detail. Thank you Steve for assisting us with the installation of your awesome affiliate program. You went way above and beyond the call of duty and created a "Customer For Life!"

From all us of at America Web Works...

Thank you Steve!

Tony Marino
Founder, President
ePublisher University

I found your site searching the web. It was exactly what I needed and was easy to setup. For the past year, I have tracked our affiliate sales manually and UA has saved me hours of work. It provides us and our affiliates with reliable sales statistics right online. I highly recommend it.


Thanks steve, I would like to say I feel I made the right decision in going with your affiliate programme and thank you once again for a very good job!

Kind regards,

Adam Badini

Dear Steve,
I can't thank you enough for taking such valuable time out of your day to educate me on vital terminologies and software in general. The people like you who validate hope in humanity and our collective faith in a better tomorrow.


Steve, this makes good logical sense. You know, I find your entire approach to scripting to be excellent. I've seen a lot of scripts, and a lot of really bad ones out there. But your stuff is not only well thought out, but it looks good, too.

As someone who's keenly aware of the importance of appearance, your material appeals to me. I'm not trying to flatter you, but to let you know you have an excellent product that really works and works well.

Okay, enough kudos, I'm sure you've heard plenty already.

Keep on making stuff. You've provided some excellent solutions to real problems, and I hope you're doing well.

All the best,

{tech support for a client}


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