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Integrating Ultimate Affiliate with Actinic Shopping Cart (

It is possible to add markup to the Actinic Ecommerce's receipt page in order to support an affiliate program. You can find instructions on integrating the Actinic products with affiliate programs in their "Advanced User Guide version 6": - Documentation page - Direct link to file

Edit the Act_Order04.html file of the Actinic cart and upload it back to your server. You will be adding either an image tag or javascript tag to trigger commissions. If the receipt page will be served from a secure url on the SAME DOMAIN that you have the affiliate script installed on you can use an image tag to trigger commissions:

<IMG SRC="">

or, if you don't have your own secure certificate for your domain you'll be using the Javascript popup method:


The NETQUOTEVARs available in the Actinic receipt page are:

NETQUOTEVAR:THEORDERNUMBER order number (already existed in earlier versions)
NETQUOTEVAR:FORMATTEDORDERTOTALHTML the order total formatted in the appropriate currency and encoded for HTML display
NETQUOTEVAR:FORMATTEDORDERTOTALCGI the order total formatted in the appropriate currency and encoded for CGI
NETQUOTEVAR:ACTINICORDERTOTAL the order total formatted in the Actinic internal format (integer number in currency base unit)
NETQUOTEVAR:NUMERICORDERTOTALCGI the order total partially formatted in the appropriate currency and encoded for CGI. This value include decimal and thousand separators, but leaves off the currency symbol.

Here are some examples of code from the Actinic Guide. If you put these items into your receipt page:

<IMG SRC="">
<IMG SRC="">
<IMG SRC="">

Here is what would be printed out:

Total: &#163;481&#46;96
<IMG SRC="">
<IMG SRC="">
<IMG SRC=";96&orderid=GM03GNBW900028">

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