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Integrating Ultimate Affiliate with (Mals E-Commerce)

Integration with Mals-e is fairly straightforward. When you log into the Mals-e main administration page click on CART LINKS -> Cart Setup and then go to the CURRENCY AND CART MESSAGES area. Towards the bottom you'll see the Exit Messages area where you can put in custom HTML that shows up on the receipt pages (an instructions for it as well).

Here is what you need to put in to trigger commissions:

If you have your own secure domain (the same domain the affiliate program is installed on) you can use the image tag method and place this code into both the secure and unsecure message boxes:

If you do not have your own secure domain, you will have to use the javascript popup method and place this code in both the secure and unsecure message boxes:

Of course, in both examples above you'll need to replace "" with your own domain name and change the SECRET to the secret word you have set at the admin.cgi configuration area. That's it!

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