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Integrating Ultimate Affiliate with Yahoo! Store (Yahoo! Merchant Services)

Integrating Ultimate Affiliate with Yahoo! Store (now part of Yahoo! Merchant Services) requires editing of the Yahoo! Store template RTML and is often different (and difficult) in every case. Thus, you will need to contact and we will set this up for you (free of charge with a membership).

There are a few requirements that are necessary for proper integration:

1. You MUST have the affiliate program installed on a domain that has its own secure certificate.

This means if you are running the program on

you need to have a secure certificate for that site to also have:

This because the integration with Yahoo! Store uses an image tag on their SECURE receipt page which triggers the commission. This is non-negotiable currently as there is no other work-around. Cookies are domain specific, so you will be setting the affiliate cookie on your non-secure domain and reading it from your secure domain.

Typically you should talk with your hosting company about setting up a secure server certificate. There are a few different vendors out there that vary in pricing. I recommend Thawte or GeoTrust:

2. The commission must be percentage based and is based on the total value of the entire shopping cart checkout.

This is usually how an affiliate program runs anyway, but because of the limitations of the Yahoo! Store system you can't have per-product commissions, etc...the commission MUST be a percentage of the final checkout price.



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