Ultimate Affiliate Version History

Current Version: 2.11

New Feature Retooled and Improved Bug Fix

Ultimate Affiliate
Version 2.11 - Posted July 27, 2003

This is a bug fix update, with bug fixes mainly to the new matrix feature, the extra fields, and some of the changes made in version 2.10. You only need to upgrade if you're having problems with the 2.10 version as the bugs only affect setups that use these more advanced features.

Version 2.10 - Posted April 20th, 2003

Lots of new features in this version:

• New commission "scheme" feature allowing per-product commissions
• New feature allowing trial period commissions
• New p3p policy features enabling comprehensive cookie tracking
• Affiliates can now email their downline
• Affiliates can now opt out of receiving emails
• Recurring commissions retooled, now allowing QUARTERLY and BIANUALLY recurring commissions.
• More reporting and logging for the cron executed recur.cgi script

• The script now supports an affiliate "matrix" downline, where you can specify the width and    depth of the matrix along with specifying where the spillover goes.

Changes were made in almost all of the scripts, the instructions have been updated, and the files in the zip package have been reorganized. Click here for upgrade instructions >>

Version 2.02 - Posted December 8th, 2002

This is just a maintenence upgrade that incorporates a bunch of little bug fixes and small cosmetic changes made over the past few months. There is nothing serious, and you only need to upgrade if you are having problem. I would only recommend upgrading if you are using SMTP to send emails (most use sendmail unless you are on a Windows-based server).
Click here for upgrade instructions >>

Version 2.01 - Posted April 26th, 2002
Added new "version" link which will give everyone a really easy way to check if they are running the current version of the script. Link found on the main admin area page.
Added an extra variable to the configuration page (#57) that enables you to check the "goods" field for duplicate entries when a commission is made, which can help prevent fraud if you are recording an invoice number or some unique sale identifier in this field.
Fixed bug in admin.cgi that prevented individual emailing to affiliates from the "mass emailing" page.

Version 2.00 - Posted April 15th, 2002
First edition to be posted in the new version system. This script is the latest MySQL Ultimate Affiliate script which can handle high traffic.


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